The Microsoft Band – Part 1 The setup

Woohoo it’s arrived!!!!!

I’ve been waiting patiently for my little band to turn up, spending every day gazing into the street. Hoping that the mystic being know as the UPS driver would finally deliver my new toy. Well it finally came and here’s my story regarding setting it up.

It arrived pretty well packaged, and it’s got a box that’s almost identical to the Nike Fuel Band+.





After removing the band from it’s box, the first thing I noticed was it’s size. This is no meagre piece of jewellery, this is a hefty lump of technology that is very obvious. Once you’ve removed it form it’s box there is a sticker on the back covering the charging port, you need to remove this and follow it’s instruction of plugging it in to you computer.


With that done there is a little bit of setup work to do concerning the language etc. Basic stuff that should take no more than a minute or so to get through.



Next you have to download the Microsoft Band’s companion app for either your iOS, Android or Windows Phone device. I already had this so I could just skip right on and get into the app, however it makes no difference if you need to pause quickly at this point to install the app. What I did notice during the connection stage was that I had to reboot my device before it picked up the Microsoft Band, if you have trouble finding the band I suggest you try a re-boot too. It’s the age old fix everything trick, if it’s broke just turn it off and on again!


Next came an update for the device which took around 3-4 minutes to complete, it’s not got a huge OS so updates should be pretty swift on the band.


Finally it was ready to go but I wasn’t as it was stupidly late by this point, so I decided to spend the evening just playing around with the band & getting used to it’s features. It’s a pretty easy to use bit of kit, Microsoft have made it very user friendly so Kudos to them for that!


I’ve actually used it for a few days now and the next post will be all about my adventurous bike ride, stay tuned and download my Windows 8.1 app for the latest info (Windows Phone app is coming soon)


DareDevil Series Expectations

With the impending release of the Daredevil Netflix exclusive fans are getting both nervous and excited at the same time, wondering what to expect. Now seeing that the creator Drew Goddard has a strong history as he was one of the writers on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, it seems as though there are some high expectations from the Netflix exclusive.

For me the most exciting part of the series is going to be watching Charlie Cox’s take on the role of Matt Murdock, as Stardust is one of my favourite films in which I loved his role as Tristan Thorne! To top it off Peter Shinkoda who for me was one of the best support cast from Falling Skies will be a recurring character playing the part of Nobuo.

I for one have extremely high expectations for the show, especially due to the last attempt at bringing Daredevil to our screens! Seeing as Netflix have done some good work with other exclusive series such as House of Cards featuring Kevin Spacey, I for one am very hopeful that Daredevil will be a series that will really captivate it’s audience.

There have been big successes from both the Marvel and DC universe on the small screen as of late, with Arrow being in it’s 3rd season, The Flash making solid ground & the announcement of the new Super Girl series from DC. Marvel has brought us Agents of Shield, Agent Carter & AKA Jessica Jones will be débuting some time after Daredevil. We are living in an extremely exciting time for comic book fans, and I cannot wait to see exactly how they bring characters who are less mainstream than some to the masses!

Good luck Netflix….. I’ll be waiting!

Apple accused of falling behind in technology race

Hey guys! It’s funny how a few days ago I wrote a post about how apple were failing to innovate and suddenly they’ve been public accused by the media of falling behind and doing the same as Microsoft did for the past few years by playing it safe. In the same post Microsoft have been hailed as risk takers and innovators of fun and exciting new technology! Check out my video to find out more! (Video coming within next 24 hours)

Microsoft announce fingerprint, facial and iris recognition

Microsoft have today announced that as part of the windows 10 OS they will be rolling out security features including fingerprint recognition (possibly for mobile devices), iris recognition and facial recognition. The good news is that silently any device using an existing Intel powered 3D camera should be compatible with the new security features! This new service will be called windows hello and will laucnh along side another new feature code named passport. Passport is said to make logging in easier with a form of password management.

Have apple forgotten how to innovate? OSX vs Windows 10

As I’m sure most of you have seen apple released their new range of MacBook Pro during their event on Monday. Now I’ve always been a fan of apple… heck I’ve even written iOS apps for the app store, but I have to say I was disappointed! It seems as though apple are currently following 1 simple format across all their devices. Since the iPad there hasn’t really been any innovation from apple in either their product line up, instead they’ve focussed on simply making things slimmer & lighter. Now don’t get me wrong slim and light definitely has it’s benefits….. but that alone just isn’t enough! There have been some hardware improvement’s along the way, but these are not ‘innovations’ they are simply upgrades. Innovation is a must in todays market, and companies who fail to invite will inevitably fail. Apple’s new lineup isn’t an awful selection in fact they’re rather beautiful pieces of engineering, they’re just the same as every model prior to them since around 2008. They’ve been upgraded to be more powerful but they haven’t had any innovation. To show you what I mean I’ll talk about Microsoft’s Surface Pro range, these devices (particularly the Pro 3) are a completely new way of interacting with technology. They’ve taken what is now the standard medium of interaction between man & machine, and made it the standard way of interacting with your home PC. I am of course referring to touch screens, which have become so natural in our daily lives that even my 84 year old nan uses it! This interaction that Microsoft has brought to their Surface Pro range has really began to break down some of the barriers that previously made your home PC a cold and emotionless interaction. For those of you who haven’t tried a Surface Pro yet I suggest you do! It is quite possibly the best PC interaction you will ever have! Let’s not take away from apple their stunning machines, they truly are things of beauty & designed to be simply gorgeous. The price on the other hand…….. that’s not quite so attractive.

For example a basic MacBook Pro will cost you £999 whereas a basic Surface Pro 3 will cost you £639 and come with a years free subscription to Office 365 as well as 1TB of free OneDrive storage! Apple also offer their iWork suite free of charge, however compatibility with no apple users is a pain! You’ll also get free iCloud storage from apple, however this is limited to 5GB which is nowhere near the OneDrive offering.

As if the price difference alone hasn’t enough, you then have to look at the longer term connected solutions that both companies offer. Yea apple were the first to offer an integrated ecosystem and it was a fantastic system that offered continuous usage across tablet, PC & mobile phone. Microsoft on the other hand were slower to this party with true connectivity only just coming into play with the announcement of Windows 10. Let’s look at this in more detail though, when Windows 10 launches it will have continuous messaging, cross platform syncing with notifications, images and apps…… but you only need to spend out for 2 separate devices. To fully take advantage of the Microsoft offering all you need is a Surface Pro 3 and a Windows Phone, for apple on the other hand you need a MacBook of some description, an iPad and an iPhone, this again will cost you more money!

I for one am not convinced on the lack of innovation from apple as of late whilst Microsoft have made huge leaps catching up in the software area , they have also revolutionised the computer interaction to a point where it fits in with our 21st century lifestyles. Let’s not forget that a keyboard and mouse have been around since the 1980’s and unless apple begin to embrace this new technology of touchscreen interaction within all aspects of technology they will simply fall behind.

I hope this has helped you all in some way if you are deciding on which ecosystem is right for you. I for one am thoroughly pleased with my shift from apple to Microsoft, a change that I began last summer and have now finally completed. I’ll be posting my Surface Pro 3 review video in the near future, but until then I hope this cool Surface advert will suffice.

In the words of Leonard Nimoy LLAP

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iPhone 5

So it’s here, finally my iPhone 5 has arrived!! In fact I’m writing this of on it right now!! Anyway the big question of course is after 10 days of waiting am I happy or is it the sensational let down the Internet has claimed it to be? Well put simply….. Fuck you Internet!!! This is the most stunning piece of engineering I have ever used!! It’s responsive, so much so that thanks to the new A6 chip I’m replying to things before I’ve realised I’ve even opened them! The lightning connector made syncing my 40GB of data happen almost instantly and Siri is so much more effective on here thanks to the additional mic’s that help with noise cancellation ( I’m using Siri for part of this now ). Along with Siri I’m also using the new ear pods as I walk about my house and so far so good! In summary this phone is slimmer, lighter, insanely fast, has a gorgeous screen ( the best on the market ), can be operated 1 handed no problem and commands such a gorgeous design with it’s aluminium back I don’t understand why the genius of this device is even being questioned!?





Are social networks signalling an end of the Paparazzi!?


So with the rise of social networks bringing us closer and closer to the celebrities we adore so much is it any wonder that what we see in our newspaper is different to what it was a few years ago?? Cast your mind back to when you were little and your dad was sat at the breakfast table reading the morning paper, as he flicked through the crisp pages remember catching glimpses of celebrities on holiday and posing for a few snaps from the local paparazzi. In today’s world yes we still get these pictures, but now they tend to be more in gossip mags pointing out a females cellulite ( because naturally a woman having cellulite isn’t accepted in our society ). Or it may be a snap of Wayne Rooney leaving a hotel with his latest affair, whatever’s featured in today’s magazines it’s nothing more than the desperate press dragging up the scraps at the bottom of the social barrel. Social networking apps such as Instagram and Viddy give us access to the celebs directly cutting out the blurred middleman pics taken by a paparazzi hidden in a bush, and they give us clear sharp images taken by the celebrities themselves who so desperately crave our acceptance almost as much as much as we crave to be like them! Take for example the ” mistaken ” topless pics Miss Alba posted for the world to see! Or the up close and personal lifestyle pics that Lady Gaga likes to post showing images of her latest crazy hair do, or even the images from celebrity couples such as Jenson Button & Jessica Michibata showing their holiday snaps to us! With all this celebrity content now available at the tap of a few buttons especially with smart phones and tablet computers are we starting to see a decline in the resources available to our beloved celebrity snappers? Only time will tell but with all these advances in technology and accessibility to our celebrities. I for one think that in the near future we’re probably going to become our own celebrity snapper stealing images from the celebs we want and shaping our content with the precision that we currently filter our TV choices with.

Avatar: The Legend Of Korra


So the new series of Avatar has just come to a conclusion and this is a follow up from the last air bender series ( some of you may remember the disaster they managed to make of the film ). Thankfully Korra doesn’t disappoint! It captures the essence of the original 3 Avatar series but manages to lend itself to an older audience as the original series was at times a bit ” kiddy “. Korra is set in Republic City, a city that was founded by Avatar Aang and Firelord Zuko after the end of the 100 year war. Korra comes to Republic City to learn Air Bending from Aang’s son Tenzin to complete her mastery of the 4 elements. Along this road Korra is faced with challenges both physical and emotional! She has a new and modern world to live in with things like Pro Bending being a new sport and companies such as Future Industries coming up with new technological enhancements, it tests the young Avatars ability to maintain peace and balance in such a hectic modern world. The story follows Korra facing her first real challenge up against the anti bender organisation known as ” The Equalists ” lead by the dark and mysterious Amon. The series offers danger, excitement and an emotional roller coaster as we follow the characters on their journey and it is quite simply probably the best animated series to come from the west ever! I would even say that it had a bigger impact on me then the first series with Aang as it offers such as gripping and exciting story line! Watch this series and you won’t be disappointed!

Life with a iPad day 6!

Almost at the end of the week!! Now today has been an interesting combination of tech making full use of photo stream and YouTube! I began my day with a visit to my mam’s house as she’s been away for a few days where I noticed my dad had a delivery it was his iPad. I rang him and he asked me to set it up, so I did. After setting everything like it should I went to view a new house and whilst I was there I took some photo’s and a video of the house to show when I got back. The only issue was that everything I took was on my iPhone, this became an easy fix as photo stream allowed me to access my pix on the iPad to be able to show on a much bigger screen with greater detail and I uploaded the video I made to YouTube and played that back too! The evening however was like an apple fan boy club with my dad, my brother and me all in 1 room using our iPads. My brother and I were showing my dad how to use it! And then came the magic moment which is only captured with using an iPad my dad, who is your average father in his 50’s realised the power and simplicity of modern technology as he placed a FaceTime call to his mum! This was him hooked and carrying on until about 11pm he continued to learn how to use this revolutionary piece of technology!

Life with an iPad day 5!

Day 5 and as you can guess most of the daily routine has been covered by now…… Apart from one thing and that is the media side of it and today was a media based day in work and at home. After what’s now become the morning ritual of a hot chocolate and reading the daily copy of AOL Editions I decided to use my iPad as my iMessage device for the day and found sending messages back and forth to be a dream!! The large keyboard made it effortless!! I decided to watch some more anime today on my break sticking with High School Of The Dead which is a bi slow to start but does pick up once it gets going! And it really is a whole new experience the video quality is just stunning!! Honestly anyone who hasn’t seen it should try watching something on an iPad it brings a new sense of enjoyment to ‘ watching TV ‘ following up from this I also done a fair bit of e-mail today which again was made easier by the iPads impressive keyboard! After arriving home late at night I decided to write some more of my story ” Life With Fred ” which is being completely written on the iPad as a testament to its great keyboard and it’s amazing Pages app, however sitting in silence was a bit annoying so I decided to use my iTunes home sharing facility and streamed some Bob Dylan followed by some Bon Jovi to my iPad which worked flawlessly!! Anyway that’s it for today I’ve included a video for you to check out on H.O.T.D so if your not familiar with it then check it out!!!