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So thanks to the UK government’s cycle to work scheme I got myself a new bike…. one that fits! I don’t know a lot about bikes but this one has fancy hydrolic brakes & some super cool trigger things for shifting gear! Now I picked it up Saturday afternoon and was hoping for dry weather on Sunday to take it out but that never happend! So come Sunday in the torrential downpour I took to the road on my new bike, immediately I found a problem….. I didn’t know how to shift up a gear! I only found one trigger and it shifted down!!! After a fee minutes fiddling I realised there was another trigger for switching up behind the grip so it was easy for my figers to hit, 2nd attempt at riding and I was off! Heading straight for the mountain I decided to put this bike through its paces and immediately took it to the off road mud track, that was harder than I expected but nevertheless I managed to do a 3 mile ride consisting of uphill and mud track. It’s fair to say this is an awesome bike and I’m definitely going to be out on it a lot!


So….. I’m back on the bike woohoo!! Decent little run today although I’m desperately waiting for my new bike coz this is too big and it hurts lots :(. Anyway the video says it all below :)

Here’s a link to the map route I took


So followers may have noticed a lack of updates recently, this is due to the recent hospitalisation of my daughter followed by me also spending a brief stint in hospital…… So it sucks basically! Fear not though as training has resumed and a bike ride is imminent this weekend! Also I’ve now increased my push up count from 10 to 100, although its with a 60 second break between every 25! Anyway catch you soon!!

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Soooooooooo 4th training session and it went well!! Although at 1 point I almost puked!!! So anyways having done 3 12 hour shifts on the bounce I haven’t had much training time so I have to try and fit it around work which is a pain in the ass!! Anyway this session I managed to shave something like 8 minutes off my ride whilst covering the same distance which lets be fair is kinda awesome!!!! Plus this time around I don’t feel quite as bad as I did the last time! So all in all I’d say improvements are definitely happening! :) I don’t know if I’ve actually lost any weight yet but I know I feel a little better in myself which is a great start! I’ve got my first weigh in on Monday so we’ll see how that goes from there! Ive put a link for my route below and I took a couple of photo’s of where I’ve been riding for you to see and there is a little video from today’s ride too so check it out :) laters guys!!

Endomondo Map



So it’s day 3!……. It’s actually more like day 8 or 9 but as its the 3rd day of training lets stick with day 3! So anyway remember in my last post how I said I felt amazing after my run and why I’d achieved….. Well turns out that for the following week I was basically only able to walk if I held onto something! I had completely ruined my legs and body, now this is good because it meant that I had really given it a good workout but it was also bad. It was bad because I was so weakened that when I tried to do my next run my legs just gave way beneath me! This made consistent training pretty much impossible!! Now there are a few choices I had and they were :-
1. Walk instead of run for the next few training sessions
2. Run but over a shorter distance
3. Give up and accept being fat
4. Keep doing what I was doing and hope for the best
5. Figure something out

It’s not in my nature to quit when I’ve committed to something 100%, once I’ve made my mind up I have to do it otherwise it will just piss me off! So option 1 was an immediate no for me, mainly because it just wouldn’t provide the caloric loss that I needed to bring my weight down quick enough to allow me to progress with my training. Option 2 was potentially viable…. Apart from the fact that I didn’t want to be doing less on my second, third or even 20th run than I did on my first! For me it would seem like I was going backwards instead of forwards! Option 3…. This is the option I’ve chosen before, hence why I’m still overweight and unfit but this time it’s different and this time I’m determined so this was an instant HELL NO!!! Option 4 was another potential I thought about but the FTC that it was taking me up to a week at a time to recover meant that I just simply wouldn’t be getting my body used to it quick enough so it looked like option 5 was going to be my choice…… Figure something out!! Ok so great I’d made the decision, but what the hell am I supposed to figure out!? I mean I don’t really know a lot about exercise or training for a marathon, that’s why I’m fat remember!! Anyway a chat with some friends lead onto when we used to be kids and were out on our bikes constantly! LIGHTBULB!! A bicycle!! I used to love riding my bike as a teenager I’d ride it everywhere and I’d ride it for miles and miles! This is perfect and I didn’t know why I’d never thought about it before ( probably because I didn’t own a bike ). So a conversation in work lead the purchase of a bike and today was the first day out on it…….. I sucked! It’s been 10 years since I last rode a bike and I was VERY wobbly! However after a few minutes all seemed fine and I was riding like I did 10 years ago…. Apart from the heavy panting I was doing now as I was much fitter back then! This was great though I was really enjoying myself, headphones in, getting decent speeds and working up a real sweat! I managed to cover 3K on the bike today over a proper mountain terrain which was up and down hill so where it was easy at 1 part it was hard the next so it gave a great balance! Now I’m back home and writing this and I feel worked, but not as worked as I did from the run, I’ve also burned up over 400 calories and had a great time doing it! So for the foreseeable future I’m going to be cycling to get my body used to sustained cardio workouts and burn up some calories, once my body is in a better condition I shall run again but I don’t want to slow myself down by over exerting so this seems to work well! The links to my bike ride and the other stuff are below so feel free to check them out! I’ve put up a picture of the state of me at the half way mark so you see the red glow I had!!!

Bike Ride Route

Cardiff Half Marathon



So yesterday was day 2 and it was the first day of training as day 1 turned out to be a rest day!! Now as we all know I’m a bit of a porker and running to the end of my street ( 5 houses away ) was pretty much my limit! So yesterday was always going to be a struggle for me! I started my training by doing a warm up jog to the local rugby field and when I arrived it was empty ” perfect ” I thought because at least now no one would see the embarrassing slob huffing and puffing around the field. I set my run keeper app ( which is useless compared to endomondo ) and began my run, I actually surprised myself and got into a nice little rhythm for the first 0.8 of a mile….. Then I began to hurt and my speed dropped, my chest was on fire, sweat poured from me & I could feel the heat from my face when I held my hand near it. Despite this I had committed to doing either 30 minutes or 2 miles so I carried on! It was at the 1 mile point that my heart felt like it was about to leap from my chest and my lungs would burst so I had to slow right down, Run Keeper was telling me how dramatically my average mile speed was dropping but I thought ” sod it ” I’m going to carry on even if it kills me! After about 0.2 of a mile I had managed to regain my breath and calm my heart rate to start picking up the pace again so I did and I pushed on but soon enough there was a little noise in my ear saying 30 minutes complete…… This was a surprise as it was finally over in terms of my 30 minute goal! But I was unhappy at only having covered a mere 1.4 miles, so I turned up the music a started to run as fast as I could, lactic acid was pouring into my body almost instantly signalling I really was basically finished. I persevered and got to a distance of 1.8 miles in a total of 33 minutes and so many seconds…… I was battered! But I had reached what I’d set out to do and I was proud. Yes it’s a pathetic and slow time/ distance to a lot of people, but not to me! To me it was as if I’d just completed the iron man! Don’t forget my farthest distance previously really had been 5 houses! So this was a monumental moment for me! Am I proud? Yes! Am I aching? Yes! Do I feel alive? More than I ever have done! I cannot wait till this time next year when hopefully ill,be writing about the 4 minute miles I’ve been running! I’ve posted the schedule and marathon links below as usual, I’ve also included my Run Keeper results too for those who want to make sure I’m not lying! ;)

Run Keeper Results

Cardiff Half Marathon


The first day!

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Ok so day 1 is here, my alarm went off at 7:00am but I’d already been awake since 6:00am and couldn’t get back to sleep because I knew what was coming. So I pick up my phone, open iBooks and select my training program PDF only to find……….. Day 1 on week 1 is actually a REST DAY!!!! So basically it was pointless me even getting up!! A part of me was tempted to stray from the program and do my own thing, but that would probably not have turned out well as the program is professionally designed so the rest days must be there for a reason! With this in mind I left my running gear where it was and went back to bed as I don’t start work till 10:25 today. Now I’m left with another 24 hours before the program really begins & today’s escaped has made me all the more determined to do it! Again check out the link to the Cardiff Half Marathon below and the table of my training program I will be following courtesy of Bupa Health.

Cardiff Half Marathon