Ok so freezing is a new anime that was adapted from the manga created by Dall-Young Lim and Kwang-Hyun Kim. The series began airing in Japan from January 2011 until the end of the series in April 2011. It follows the life of a troubled pandora named Satellizer El Bridgette and her limiter Kazuya Aoi who has more power than any limiter anyone has ever seen! The story is about strength, courage, bravery and heart, it features all the things you’d expect from a modern anime including multiple references to the size of the pandoras breasts!. The first series ran for 12 episodes with a 10 minute special being aired as well, whilst there have been no definite answers on a 2nd series based on the popularity of the first it is likely that they will release a 2nd series!!

Here is a link to the opening for the anime.


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