Airsoft is a sport that started like most things, in Japan! It has grown vastly in most countries of the years and the UK in particular has seen a massive increase in the number of skirmishers. Airsoft uses imitation firearms that have been modified to fire 6mm plastic bullets known as BB’s ( ball bearings ). These are relatively harmless as most airsoft sites have strict power limits for the weapons they allow own their site, however even with these rules at the right range a BB could quite easily take your teeth! The sport is a very very energetic, fun and active which many people play daily and have a great time! Unlike paintball, airsoft uses an honesty based system and players who get shot call their hits as there is no obvious indication of being hit……… Unless it’s at close range where the player generally let’s out a little yelp! The law on airsoft in the UK has been under scrutiny recently after going over a reform a few years back meaning only licensed players are now able to purchase the RIF ( Realistic Imitations Firearm ) helping to cut down on the number of people abusing the sport. Instead a ‘ Two Tone ‘ rifle ( one that his painted partly n a bright colour ) can be used as it clearly is not a real gun.

Here are some skirmish pictures










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