iOS 5 hands on review part 2 twitter

Ok, so in the last part of the review we touched on the new notification system. In this part of the review we will take a look at the new in built twitter functionality. First of all it now has a place amongst the other default iOS apps in the settings section instead of being in the 3rd party section as it was previously. Once your in this section you can use the sign in option so that any other twitter based operations will no longer require you to sign in again! The main point of this is to make it easier! The next bit is the really nice part that let’s you tweet a photo or web page straight from the photo’s or safari app without the need to even enter the twitter app! This makes things much quicker and easier and more enjoyable prompting users to tweet more because it’s so easy! ( personally I haven’t stopped tweeting things since this new function!! ). As well as this it also now integrates with your contacts adding photo’s and twitter user name details just to make it that little bit easier for you to find your friends!

All in all a very nice upgrade and I have to say well done Apple!





Part 3 coming soon!


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