Living with an iPad day 1!

So today is day 1 of my 1 month blog on the daily uses of an iPad. After tethering to my iPhone 4S when I arrived at work I was pleasantly surprised at how quick the Internet connection was via a tethered 3G connection with very little coverage!! I was able to keep in touch with my partner via iMessage, look at some pictures of my daughter from an e-mail that was sent to me, organise some events during my time off and re-arrange days off on my rota! On break times I watched some TV shows via Netflix and played some games. These are things I was able to do on my iPhone anyway but the quality behind them on my iPad was just stunning on the bigger screen!! Then I found something i’ve never seen before……. A magazine made just for me!!! It’s from an app called Editions by AOL, this app let’s you choose the topics your interested in then put the articles into a magazine designed for you! Then the more you read and select certain subjects within those topics the more relevant the magazine becomes to you! This is THE BEST personal application that I have used yet! To summarise today’s experience it has truly been enhanced! The over all experience I get from using my iPad in place of my usual smart phone has been brilliant, and as I sit here writing this blog from my iPad while my cat licks my face and purrs for my attention all I can say is roll on day 2!!



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