Life with an iPad day 4!

So….. Day 3 is upon us and it’s another day mainly based in work! I began my morning with a hot chocolate ( my version of a coffee ) and a quick read of the latest copy of editions, which by the way is fast becoming my FAVOURITE magazine complimented by the gorgeous display and interactive experience of the iPad!. Followed by some e-mails from eBay updating me on the status of various items ( yes this can be done just as well on an iPhone but I happened to be watching a new anime series at the time on a MUCH better screen ). On my break I decided to do a bit of testing and used FaceTime on my iPad to call my fiancé and our kids via a tethered connection…….. It worked VERY well all things considered ( it was a 2 bar 3G connection that it was tethered too ) I was able to see them and hear them clearly although as it wasn’t a wifi connection it was slightly pixilated! I’m actually writing this blog here in more at my desk after a conversation with my boss about the purpose behind my blog and what I aim to achieve. On this subject the purpose of this blog isn’t to show how amazing an iPad is, it is merely to show the differences that can be achieved by using one in place of a smart phone/ laptop.



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