Life with an iPad day 5!

Day 5 and as you can guess most of the daily routine has been covered by now…… Apart from one thing and that is the media side of it and today was a media based day in work and at home. After what’s now become the morning ritual of a hot chocolate and reading the daily copy of AOL Editions I decided to use my iPad as my iMessage device for the day and found sending messages back and forth to be a dream!! The large keyboard made it effortless!! I decided to watch some more anime today on my break sticking with High School Of The Dead which is a bi slow to start but does pick up once it gets going! And it really is a whole new experience the video quality is just stunning!! Honestly anyone who hasn’t seen it should try watching something on an iPad it brings a new sense of enjoyment to ‘ watching TV ‘ following up from this I also done a fair bit of e-mail today which again was made easier by the iPads impressive keyboard! After arriving home late at night I decided to write some more of my story ” Life With Fred ” which is being completely written on the iPad as a testament to its great keyboard and it’s amazing Pages app, however sitting in silence was a bit annoying so I decided to use my iTunes home sharing facility and streamed some Bob Dylan followed by some Bon Jovi to my iPad which worked flawlessly!! Anyway that’s it for today I’ve included a video for you to check out on H.O.T.D so if your not familiar with it then check it out!!!


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