Life with a iPad day 6!

Almost at the end of the week!! Now today has been an interesting combination of tech making full use of photo stream and YouTube! I began my day with a visit to my mam’s house as she’s been away for a few days where I noticed my dad had a delivery it was his iPad. I rang him and he asked me to set it up, so I did. After setting everything like it should I went to view a new house and whilst I was there I took some photo’s and a video of the house to show when I got back. The only issue was that everything I took was on my iPhone, this became an easy fix as photo stream allowed me to access my pix on the iPad to be able to show on a much bigger screen with greater detail and I uploaded the video I made to YouTube and played that back too! The evening however was like an apple fan boy club with my dad, my brother and me all in 1 room using our iPads. My brother and I were showing my dad how to use it! And then came the magic moment which is only captured with using an iPad my dad, who is your average father in his 50’s realised the power and simplicity of modern technology as he placed a FaceTime call to his mum! This was him hooked and carrying on until about 11pm he continued to learn how to use this revolutionary piece of technology!


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