Avatar: The Legend Of Korra


So the new series of Avatar has just come to a conclusion and this is a follow up from the last air bender series ( some of you may remember the disaster they managed to make of the film ). Thankfully Korra doesn’t disappoint! It captures the essence of the original 3 Avatar series but manages to lend itself to an older audience as the original series was at times a bit ” kiddy “. Korra is set in Republic City, a city that was founded by Avatar Aang and Firelord Zuko after the end of the 100 year war. Korra comes to Republic City to learn Air Bending from Aang’s son Tenzin to complete her mastery of the 4 elements. Along this road Korra is faced with challenges both physical and emotional! She has a new and modern world to live in with things like Pro Bending being a new sport and companies such as Future Industries coming up with new technological enhancements, it tests the young Avatars ability to maintain peace and balance in such a hectic modern world. The story follows Korra facing her first real challenge up against the anti bender organisation known as ” The Equalists ” lead by the dark and mysterious Amon. The series offers danger, excitement and an emotional roller coaster as we follow the characters on their journey and it is quite simply probably the best animated series to come from the west ever! I would even say that it had a bigger impact on me then the first series with Aang as it offers such as gripping and exciting story line! Watch this series and you won’t be disappointed!


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