Are social networks signalling an end of the Paparazzi!?


So with the rise of social networks bringing us closer and closer to the celebrities we adore so much is it any wonder that what we see in our newspaper is different to what it was a few years ago?? Cast your mind back to when you were little and your dad was sat at the breakfast table reading the morning paper, as he flicked through the crisp pages remember catching glimpses of celebrities on holiday and posing for a few snaps from the local paparazzi. In today’s world yes we still get these pictures, but now they tend to be more in gossip mags pointing out a females cellulite ( because naturally a woman having cellulite isn’t accepted in our society ). Or it may be a snap of Wayne Rooney leaving a hotel with his latest affair, whatever’s featured in today’s magazines it’s nothing more than the desperate press dragging up the scraps at the bottom of the social barrel. Social networking apps such as Instagram and Viddy give us access to the celebs directly cutting out the blurred middleman pics taken by a paparazzi hidden in a bush, and they give us clear sharp images taken by the celebrities themselves who so desperately crave our acceptance almost as much as much as we crave to be like them! Take for example the ” mistaken ” topless pics Miss Alba posted for the world to see! Or the up close and personal lifestyle pics that Lady Gaga likes to post showing images of her latest crazy hair do, or even the images from celebrity couples such as Jenson Button & Jessica Michibata showing their holiday snaps to us! With all this celebrity content now available at the tap of a few buttons especially with smart phones and tablet computers are we starting to see a decline in the resources available to our beloved celebrity snappers? Only time will tell but with all these advances in technology and accessibility to our celebrities. I for one think that in the near future we’re probably going to become our own celebrity snapper stealing images from the celebs we want and shaping our content with the precision that we currently filter our TV choices with.


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