iPhone 5

So it’s here, finally my iPhone 5 has arrived!! In fact I’m writing this of on it right now!! Anyway the big question of course is after 10 days of waiting am I happy or is it the sensational let down the Internet has claimed it to be? Well put simply….. Fuck you Internet!!! This is the most stunning piece of engineering I have ever used!! It’s responsive, so much so that thanks to the new A6 chip I’m replying to things before I’ve realised I’ve even opened them! The lightning connector made syncing my 40GB of data happen almost instantly and Siri is so much more effective on here thanks to the additional mic’s that help with noise cancellation ( I’m using Siri for part of this now ). Along with Siri I’m also using the new ear pods as I walk about my house and so far so good! In summary this phone is slimmer, lighter, insanely fast, has a gorgeous screen ( the best on the market ), can be operated 1 handed no problem and commands such a gorgeous design with it’s aluminium back I don’t understand why the genius of this device is even being questioned!?






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