Have apple forgotten how to innovate? OSX vs Windows 10

As I’m sure most of you have seen apple released their new range of MacBook Pro during their event on Monday. Now I’ve always been a fan of apple… heck I’ve even written iOS apps for the app store, but I have to say I was disappointed! It seems as though apple are currently following 1 simple format across all their devices. Since the iPad there hasn’t really been any innovation from apple in either their product line up, instead they’ve focussed on simply making things slimmer & lighter. Now don’t get me wrong slim and light definitely has it’s benefits….. but that alone just isn’t enough! There have been some hardware improvement’s along the way, but these are not ‘innovations’ they are simply upgrades. Innovation is a must in todays market, and companies who fail to invite will inevitably fail. Apple’s new lineup isn’t an awful selection in fact they’re rather beautiful pieces of engineering, they’re just the same as every model prior to them since around 2008. They’ve been upgraded to be more powerful but they haven’t had any innovation. To show you what I mean I’ll talk about Microsoft’s Surface Pro range, these devices (particularly the Pro 3) are a completely new way of interacting with technology. They’ve taken what is now the standard medium of interaction between man & machine, and made it the standard way of interacting with your home PC. I am of course referring to touch screens, which have become so natural in our daily lives that even my 84 year old nan uses it! This interaction that Microsoft has brought to their Surface Pro range has really began to break down some of the barriers that previously made your home PC a cold and emotionless interaction. For those of you who haven’t tried a Surface Pro yet I suggest you do! It is quite possibly the best PC interaction you will ever have! Let’s not take away from apple their stunning machines, they truly are things of beauty & designed to be simply gorgeous. The price on the other hand…….. that’s not quite so attractive.

For example a basic MacBook Pro will cost you £999 whereas a basic Surface Pro 3 will cost you £639 and come with a years free subscription to Office 365 as well as 1TB of free OneDrive storage! Apple also offer their iWork suite free of charge, however compatibility with no apple users is a pain! You’ll also get free iCloud storage from apple, however this is limited to 5GB which is nowhere near the OneDrive offering.

As if the price difference alone hasn’t enough, you then have to look at the longer term connected solutions that both companies offer. Yea apple were the first to offer an integrated ecosystem and it was a fantastic system that offered continuous usage across tablet, PC & mobile phone. Microsoft on the other hand were slower to this party with true connectivity only just coming into play with the announcement of Windows 10. Let’s look at this in more detail though, when Windows 10 launches it will have continuous messaging, cross platform syncing with notifications, images and apps…… but you only need to spend out for 2 separate devices. To fully take advantage of the Microsoft offering all you need is a Surface Pro 3 and a Windows Phone, for apple on the other hand you need a MacBook of some description, an iPad and an iPhone, this again will cost you more money!

I for one am not convinced on the lack of innovation from apple as of late whilst Microsoft have made huge leaps catching up in the software area , they have also revolutionised the computer interaction to a point where it fits in with our 21st century lifestyles. Let’s not forget that a keyboard and mouse have been around since the 1980’s and unless apple begin to embrace this new technology of touchscreen interaction within all aspects of technology they will simply fall behind.

I hope this has helped you all in some way if you are deciding on which ecosystem is right for you. I for one am thoroughly pleased with my shift from apple to Microsoft, a change that I began last summer and have now finally completed. I’ll be posting my Surface Pro 3 review video in the near future, but until then I hope this cool Surface advert will suffice.

In the words of Leonard Nimoy LLAP

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