DareDevil Series Expectations

With the impending release of the Daredevil Netflix exclusive fans are getting both nervous and excited at the same time, wondering what to expect. Now seeing that the creator Drew Goddard has a strong history as he was one of the writers on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, it seems as though there are some high expectations from the Netflix exclusive.

For me the most exciting part of the series is going to be watching Charlie Cox’s take on the role of Matt Murdock, as Stardust is one of my favourite films in which I loved his role as Tristan Thorne! To top it off Peter Shinkoda who for me was one of the best support cast from Falling Skies will be a recurring character playing the part of Nobuo.

I for one have extremely high expectations for the show, especially due to the last attempt at bringing Daredevil to our screens! Seeing as Netflix have done some good work with other exclusive series such as House of Cards featuring Kevin Spacey, I for one am very hopeful that Daredevil will be a series that will really captivate it’s audience.

There have been big successes from both the Marvel and DC universe on the small screen as of late, with Arrow being in it’s 3rd season, The Flash making solid ground & the announcement of the new Super Girl series from DC. Marvel has brought us Agents of Shield, Agent Carter & AKA Jessica Jones will be débuting some time after Daredevil. We are living in an extremely exciting time for comic book fans, and I cannot wait to see exactly how they bring characters who are less mainstream than some to the masses!

Good luck Netflix….. I’ll be waiting!


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