The Microsoft Band – Part 1 The setup

Woohoo it’s arrived!!!!!

I’ve been waiting patiently for my little band to turn up, spending every day gazing into the street. Hoping that the mystic being know as the UPS driver would finally deliver my new toy. Well it finally came and here’s my story regarding setting it up.

It arrived pretty well packaged, and it’s got a box that’s almost identical to the Nike Fuel Band+.





After removing the band from it’s box, the first thing I noticed was it’s size. This is no meagre piece of jewellery, this is a hefty lump of technology that is very obvious. Once you’ve removed it form it’s box there is a sticker on the back covering the charging port, you need to remove this and follow it’s instruction of plugging it in to you computer.


With that done there is a little bit of setup work to do concerning the language etc. Basic stuff that should take no more than a minute or so to get through.



Next you have to download the Microsoft Band’s companion app for either your iOS, Android or Windows Phone device. I already had this so I could just skip right on and get into the app, however it makes no difference if you need to pause quickly at this point to install the app. What I did notice during the connection stage was that I had to reboot my device before it picked up the Microsoft Band, if you have trouble finding the band I suggest you try a re-boot too. It’s the age old fix everything trick, if it’s broke just turn it off and on again!


Next came an update for the device which took around 3-4 minutes to complete, it’s not got a huge OS so updates should be pretty swift on the band.


Finally it was ready to go but I wasn’t as it was stupidly late by this point, so I decided to spend the evening just playing around with the band & getting used to it’s features. It’s a pretty easy to use bit of kit, Microsoft have made it very user friendly so Kudos to them for that!


I’ve actually used it for a few days now and the next post will be all about my adventurous bike ride, stay tuned and download my Windows 8.1 app for the latest info (Windows Phone app is coming soon)


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