Altered Carbon


Every now and then you get a groundbreaking series that traps everyone in a state of perpetual fandom, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad etc etc. Altered Carbon isn’t one of these shows, and that’s actually really refreshing! You see there are some many programmes currently airing that have us hooked waiting in desperation for the next season that I’d forgotten what a self contained series felt like, enter altered Carbon! The series is a Netflix show based on the 2002 book of the same name by English author Richard K. Morgan and stars a very talented cast line up featuring the likes of Joel Kinnaman of the recent Robocop reboot, James Purefoy of The Following, Will Yun Lee known for his part in The Wolverine & a whole host of other actors and actresses who are simply sublime!

The series takes place some 350 years in the future where mankind had reached the next stage of evolution and can now download our consciousness into machines known as ‘stacks’. This allows us to transfer ourselves between bodies which are now known as ‘sleeves’ whenever they are damaged/ ill/ dying enabling those who can afford it to live forever. Strap yourself in for 10 episodes of sheer adrenaline and excitement packed full of moral dilemma with plenty of opportunity to question your own humanity! The series challenges so many areas we face in our daily lives and at times makes you question yourself and how you would react in that environment.


What really impressed me though is how satisfied I found myself at the end of the show, unlike G.o.T, TWD, Breaking Bad, Lost, Prison Break and so many of the other iconic shows we’ve had where I was always wanting more and felt as if something was still missing even when the series ended Altered Carbon was different. It allowed me to enjoy the story start to finish and be content once it was over because it had been told so well, that being said I’m already tempted to give it another watch as I thoroughly enjoyed it.


I’ve purposefully kept this brief and light in the hope that you will go and check out the series for yourself as it truly is fantastic. I don’t want to give away any spoilers at all so instead I’ve put a link to the trailer here for you to watch, please watch it and then go and enjoy the show without any poor knowledge of what will happen. Set in a dystopian cyberpunk future with violent fight scenes, a realistic take on sexualisation and the evolution of sexual tastes as well as intricate plot twists….. trust me when I say you won’t be disappointed!



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