Life with an iPad day 3!

Today’s test has been mainly on the move with very little being done in my home! Starting this morning off with a quick catch up on editions and reading about Nasa’s new solar tornado video, and the current on goings with Japan’s economy. Next on my list was some basic social networking and finishing up my editing on Sketchbook Pro to which I am finding great difficulty in getting to grips with, it is a massive programme!! After this I watched some of the Star Trek 2009 film whilst cooking dinner and discovered a new anime via YouTube called High School Of The Dead which is amazing by the way ( and the first 5 episodes are now on my iPad ). Later I visited my Nan and done some research on tax credit rentals ( this would have been totally unreasonable to entertain doing on my iPhone ). Finishing up tonight now with some basic blogging and net browsing on a beautiful 9.7″ screen 🙂



Life with an iPad day 2!

Ok so this is day 2 of the 30 day blog, today is a day of social media starting off with the new copy of AOL Editions. True to its form it was packed full of articles about exactly what I’m interested in! Following my copy of editions I began hunting on eBay for an iPad for my dad, after buying it for him I decided to try my hand at some Sketchbook Pro work and use iBook to get some manga drawing guides here are some images of a small bit of editing from the initial sketch to the app edited version. In summary it seems that day 2 has been made more interesting by the iPad too!!



Living with an iPad day 1!

So today is day 1 of my 1 month blog on the daily uses of an iPad. After tethering to my iPhone 4S when I arrived at work I was pleasantly surprised at how quick the Internet connection was via a tethered 3G connection with very little coverage!! I was able to keep in touch with my partner via iMessage, look at some pictures of my daughter from an e-mail that was sent to me, organise some events during my time off and re-arrange days off on my rota! On break times I watched some TV shows via Netflix and played some games. These are things I was able to do on my iPhone anyway but the quality behind them on my iPad was just stunning on the bigger screen!! Then I found something i’ve never seen before……. A magazine made just for me!!! It’s from an app called Editions by AOL, this app let’s you choose the topics your interested in then put the articles into a magazine designed for you! Then the more you read and select certain subjects within those topics the more relevant the magazine becomes to you! This is THE BEST personal application that I have used yet! To summarise today’s experience it has truly been enhanced! The over all experience I get from using my iPad in place of my usual smart phone has been brilliant, and as I sit here writing this blog from my iPad while my cat licks my face and purrs for my attention all I can say is roll on day 2!!


Apple offer refund in Australia!

Apple are set to issue e-mails to all their Australian customers who have bought the new iPad as it is incompatible with the Australian 4G network! There is a new 4G network set to launch later this year however the new iPad will also be incompatible with that one too! A court hearing is set for April 16.


iOS 5 hands on review part 2 twitter

Ok, so in the last part of the review we touched on the new notification system. In this part of the review we will take a look at the new in built twitter functionality. First of all it now has a place amongst the other default iOS apps in the settings section instead of being in the 3rd party section as it was previously. Once your in this section you can use the sign in option so that any other twitter based operations will no longer require you to sign in again! The main point of this is to make it easier! The next bit is the really nice part that let’s you tweet a photo or web page straight from the photo’s or safari app without the need to even enter the twitter app! This makes things much quicker and easier and more enjoyable prompting users to tweet more because it’s so easy! ( personally I haven’t stopped tweeting things since this new function!! ). As well as this it also now integrates with your contacts adding photo’s and twitter user name details just to make it that little bit easier for you to find your friends!

All in all a very nice upgrade and I have to say well done Apple!





Part 3 coming soon!

iOS 5 hands on review!!

Hi guys welcome to my hands on review of the beta version of Apples iOS 5! Ok so first lets start with what i consider the biggest part of the update, the notifications system! It’s amazing!!! The new setup simply works which is what we want! The lock screen is a major improvement and the in app experience kicks ass!! The best part of this is that apple actually allow some customisation over what apps you want to appear on the lock screen! All you need to do to access a notification once its appeared on your lock screen is swipe it like you would the normal unlock bar. For those of you who miss the old pop up style notifications they are still available….. But seriously why would you bother!? Finally you have the pull down notification centre which currently supports a weather and stocks widget but im pretty sure that they will be adding more to this as iOS 5 grows.










Airsoft is a sport that started like most things, in Japan! It has grown vastly in most countries of the years and the UK in particular has seen a massive increase in the number of skirmishers. Airsoft uses imitation firearms that have been modified to fire 6mm plastic bullets known as BB’s ( ball bearings ). These are relatively harmless as most airsoft sites have strict power limits for the weapons they allow own their site, however even with these rules at the right range a BB could quite easily take your teeth! The sport is a very very energetic, fun and active which many people play daily and have a great time! Unlike paintball, airsoft uses an honesty based system and players who get shot call their hits as there is no obvious indication of being hit……… Unless it’s at close range where the player generally let’s out a little yelp! The law on airsoft in the UK has been under scrutiny recently after going over a reform a few years back meaning only licensed players are now able to purchase the RIF ( Realistic Imitations Firearm ) helping to cut down on the number of people abusing the sport. Instead a ‘ Two Tone ‘ rifle ( one that his painted partly n a bright colour ) can be used as it clearly is not a real gun.

Here are some skirmish pictures









LG Optimus 2X officially worlds first dual core smart phone


The LG Optimus 2X has been officially recognised as the worlds first dual core powered smart phone by the guiness book of world records. The Korean based company won the award against the samsung galaxy s2 as it was the first device to be actually available to the public. While it is still only available in it’s homeland of Korea it is never the less available and thus clinches victory!!



Ok so freezing is a new anime that was adapted from the manga created by Dall-Young Lim and Kwang-Hyun Kim. The series began airing in Japan from January 2011 until the end of the series in April 2011. It follows the life of a troubled pandora named Satellizer El Bridgette and her limiter Kazuya Aoi who has more power than any limiter anyone has ever seen! The story is about strength, courage, bravery and heart, it features all the things you’d expect from a modern anime including multiple references to the size of the pandoras breasts!. The first series ran for 12 episodes with a 10 minute special being aired as well, whilst there have been no definite answers on a 2nd series based on the popularity of the first it is likely that they will release a 2nd series!!

Here is a link to the opening for the anime.